About Wine Excellence

Wine Excellence is a full service, professional, on-premise winery.  We are dedicated to providing our customers with the highest quality product, service and skill possible.  We can help you create your own special wine with beautifully designed labels, shrink wrap and corks that are all included with your purchase.  Or, for a nominal fee, you can design your own custom labels.

Wine Excellence offers an extensive selection of red, white and specialty wines.  Once you have selected and made your own wine, our wine consultants closely monitor the fermentation process for you as your wine matures.  Within a few weeks, your very own personal vintage is ready to be bottled, labelled and taken home.

At Wine Excellence, customizing your wines to reflect your own individual and impeccable taste provides you with even more choices and options.  You can choose to round and mellow your wine with oak, perk it up with fruit, or add some excitement with a selection of exotic spices such as elderberries, peppercorns or vanilla.  Your customized wine will show off your own discerning palate to all your friends and family.  Wine Excellence will provide you with all you need to create and realize your own vision of the chicest Chardonnay, the most piquant Pinot and the boldest Barolo.  

Wine Excellence wines compare very favourable to retail wine.  Depending on your selection you'll see savings of 50% - 70% on your purchases.

Right From the Customer


"Great place. Great Service. Very Knowledgeable. That is where I go to make my wine. Cheers!" ~Sue


"Excellent customer service. Friendly and helpful and we like that they remember our names, even though it's months between visits." ~Debbie


"Fabulous customer service. Built a batch and wasn't happy we tried another batch at no charge and I love it!" ~ Janice