Our Complements

Our self-serve complementary coffee and sweet bar.

Take a Moment.

No need to rush, please take a moment to finish your complementary charcuterie tray and sample of your wine.

With our Complements.

Wine is always better with international cheeses, meats, olives and artisan chocolate. Enjoy a charcuterie board while you sample your crafted wine.

Be Sure to Leave Room!
Oak Bar

One of the many benefits to crafting your own wine is customizing its taste. Choose from various oaks, peppercorns, elderberries etc to personalize your wine further.

Custom Labels

You have taken the time to customize your wine why not customize your labels?

Custom Labels for Any Occasion

From an assortment of labels customize your text and add images.

Excellent Thank You Gift

Wine you crafted yourself makes an excellent thank you gift, especially with custom labels.

Spice it Up

The sky is the limit when it comes to custom labels!

Bridal Party Fun

Not only is crafting your own wine for your wedding economical, it's also fun! Bring your bridal party for a private bottling party. What could be more fun than music, wine and food!